Alexey Vedev

Born 15 April 1960 in Moscow.

In 1983 graduated from the Cybernetics Department of the Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute.

In 1991 completed the course "Usage of equilibrium models in economy" of Harvard University (completed studies in the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA, Vienna, Austria).

Ph.D. in Economics.

In 1985 - 2006 - the Senior Research Associate of the CEMI RAS.

1993 - 2006 - the Senior Editor of "Economical Development of the Russian Federation" and "Review "Financial Markets" magazines.

1993 - 2014 - the General Director of the Analytical Laboratory "Vedi".

1996 - the Invited Professor of the Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan).

1996 - 1998 - the Director of the Information and Analytics Office, the Sales and the Client support of the Financial Markets Group Office, the Chief Economist of "Dialog Bank".

2002 - 2003 - the Consultant of the bank "NIKoil Capital and Banking Group".

2002 - 2005 - the Expert of the Fund "Economical Analysis Bureau".

2004 - 2006 - the Director of "The Center of Development" Economical Research Foundation.

2004 - 2007 - the Country Expert of Global Source Partners Company (New York, USA).

2007 - 2011 - the Director of the Strategy Research Center of the "Bank of Moscow".

2011 - 2014 - the Director for Financial Research of "The Center of Strategy Developments" Foundation, the Executive Vice President of the Russian Banks Association, the Director of the Structural Research Center of the Economical Policy Institute n. a. E. T. Gaydar.

From 19 August 2014 - the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.