Stanislav Voskresensky

Born 29 September 1976 in Moscow.

In 1998 graduated from the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics.

In 1995 - 1999 - Carried out tax assessment functions for Russian and foreign audit companies.

1999 - 2004 - the Financial Director in organizations responsible for implementation of special-purpose underground engineering and construction works.

2004 - 2008 - the Administrative Assistant, the Deputy Director of the Presidential Experts Directorate.

2008 - 2012 - the Deputy Minister of the Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

2012 - 2014 - the Deputy Authorised Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western Federal District.

From 19 August 2014 - the Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. The Director of the Executive Secretariat representing Russia in the Intergovernmental Russian-Chinese Commission for Investment Cooperation, the Director of the Work Group for Russia's economical interests promotion in the Asia-Pacific Region for Governmental Commission for Economic Development and Integration.