Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Regulatory Reform

The concept of regulatory reform in the Russian Federation in 2006 - 2008 was developed and adopted in 2005.
The concept of regulatory reform includes:
  • introduction of measures in implementing the activities of executive bodies according to the principles and procedures for management performance by the evaluation of results of their work;
  • Implementation of standards for government and municipal services;
  • development and implementation of administrative regulations and electronic administrative regulations;
  • improving the efficiency of the procurement system for state and municipal needs;
  • creation and implementation of specific regulatory mechanisms in the areas vulnerable to corruption;
  • establishment of mechanisms of pre-trial appeals and administrative proceedings (Administrative Justice);
  • completion of a review of redundant and overlapping functions of executive bodies and the elimination of inefficient government intervention in the economy;
  • reform of the regulatory bodies, development of outsourcing of administrative and management processes;
  • reform of the territorial bodies of federal executive authorities;
  • ensuring the transparency and efficiency of interaction of bodies of executive power with civil society.
The web-site of the Administrative Reform in Russia:
Rosters of state (municipal) services (functions) are the state (municipal) information systems, that include information on suppliers of public (municipal) services, and (executable) of government (municipal) services (functions) that are maintained in order to provide citizens and organizations with complete, relevant and reliable information about these services (functions).
The Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of June, 15, 2009, No 478 determines that the summary register of governmental services is the basis of the information portal of public services and the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia is responsible for its maintenance.
By the Federal Government Resolution of October 17, 2009, No 1555 p a transition plan (hereinafter - the Plan) for the primary translation into electronic form by 2012-2014 in 1974 public services (functions) was approved.
At the moment, creation of a unique portal of government and municipal services is the priority when filling in the Registry.
The registry services citizens and businesses at their request by, for example, issuing certificates, permits, licenses, certificates, information, registration, accreditation and other similar services on a priority basis.

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