Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Economics of Social Sector

The main areas of activities of the Government of the Russian Federation until 2012 and the Concept of long-term socio-economic development of the Russian Federation until 2020 prioritized socio-economic objectives for the short, medium and long terms.

The achievement of these objectives depends on the activation of new factors of economic growth, such as human development and the conducting of effective social development policies, widespread innovation and accelerated development of high-tech industries.

Social policy should be focused both on effective support of people who for objective reasons found themselves in difficult life situations and on creating conditions so that everyone can independently form stable and prosperous social positions for themselves and their families.

Tasks of a high priority for the social sector are: qualitative and affordable health care, meeting person’s needs in modern education, development of national culture, securing citizens of the Russian Federation with the provision of affordable housing, creation of conditions for stable growth of income and social security.

One of the most important activities in the social sphere is also the reforming of the pension system in the Russian Federation.

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