Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Innovation policy

Promotion of modernization

This section presents the activities undertaken by the Ministry to promote the development and introduction of technological innovations in the real sector of the domestic economy.

The objectives and basic directions of modernization and innovation development of the domestic economy are defined in the Concept of long-term socio-economic development of Russia until 2020 and the main activities of the Government for the period until 2012.

In these documents of the Government of the Russian Federation a transition to an innovative community-oriented development, the creation of an economy based on modernized traditional sectors (metallurgy, chemistry, agriculture, building complex), a new transport infrastructure and competitive sectors of the "new economy" such as research engineering, educational and medical services is characterized.

The tasks of the Ministry in the sphere of innovation are to encourage innovation in existing enterprises, to promote innovative new companies, to increase demand for innovative products and to support the innovative orientation of the sector of science and education.

The Ministry has undertaken systemic efforts to improve legislation in the sphere of innovation, infrastructure development of innovative technological entrepreneurship and increase the demand for innovation. For these purposes, the Assignment of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 4, 2009, No SR-P7-4455 approved an Action Plan to stimulate the innovation activity of enterprises. These enterprises conduct this innovation in the framework of the 2009-2010 Guidelines of the Government of the Russian Federation until 2012, with the emphasis being put on stimulating innovation activity in the economy and enterprises of the real sector.

Tools for Promotion Brands of the Territories

An important prerequisite for success in attracting investment to the region, development of domestic tourism and export expansion is the formation of an attractive brand of products and services in the region, reflecting its tourist and recreational potential, its production, scientific or other identity. These brands give strong support to regional producers, including helping them to form industrial clusters and attract highly skilled professionals and investors.

One of the major conditions for increasing non-price competitiveness of goods and services of domestic production in domestic and foreign markets is to improve the assessment of their quality and prestige of consumption.

Taking into consideration the importance of strengthening the region's brand as a factor for socio-economic development it is necessary to provide information, assistance and methodological support and educational development of the implementation of the projects of the brands of cities and regions to ensure the formation of effective mechanisms for marketing in these territories.

In order to disseminate best practices to develop and strengthen the regional brand the Ministry annually organizes a roundtable on the topic: "Tools for Promotion of the Brand of the Territory" in the All-Russia forum "Strategic Planning in Regions and Cities of Russia” in St. Petersburg, and is also involved in organizing the All-Russian Conference to promote the brands of cities and regions together with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and at the same time form the base of leading expert organizations in the area of brand development of cities and regions.

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