Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Moscow Region, Dubna

Dubna is a recognized scientific centre comprising Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Centre of Space Communication, Lomonosov Research and Development Institute of Nuclear Physics and other specialized institutions.

Business priorities:

  • Software
  • Information technologies and telecommunications
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Nuclear technologies
  • Biotechnologies.


The zone area - 187.7 hectares

State infrastructure investments planned - over 17 billion roubles.

State infrastructure investments implemented - over 7 billion roubles.

Information on the registration procedure of rights in land plots can be obtained from:

The web-site of SEZ JSC

By telephone

In the Central Office of SEZ JSC

+ 7 (495) 645-26-90 (extension 2085)

in SEZ TVT Dubna JCS

+ 7 (496) 219-04-69 (extension 2403)

  Investors The Land Plots  
Short name Date of entry in register Name of project
LLC "Nordavind-Dubna" 18.07.2011 Project for development and manufacturing of perspective video surveillance systems with video analysis functions
LLC "BaltiCAD" 30.06.2011 Establishment of an engineering center for development of design documentation and implementation of strength analysis of airframe assemblies and components of existing and perspective aircrafts
LLC "Prepreg-Dubna" 28.06.2011 Establishment of a center for development and industrial production of carbon-fiber-based cloth
LLC OTsET 23.06.2011 Establishment of a joint center for energy efficient technologies
LLC "FRERUS" 23.06.2011 Design and construction of high-tech research-and-production complex “Gamma” for development and manufacturing of capillary dialysis filters (dialyzers), equipment for hemodialysis and other methods of extracorporal blood purification
LLC "Media KST" 20.06.2011 Development of products for automation of operations of travel agencies involved in sales of air and railway tickets, hotel booking and other travel services; creation of software for organization of agency network for such companies; functional outsourcing
LLC "Extrusion Machines" 05.03.2011 Development and design of extrusion equipment for production of nanocomposite metallopolymeric pipes and pultruded equipment for production of composite profiles
CJSC "MINC" 28.02.2011 Center of nanotechnology developments and prototyping
CJSC "OKB "Aerospace Systems" 24.02.2011 Establishment of a competence center for development of electrified, hydraulic, pneumatic aircraft systems and life support systems for existing and perspective aircrafts
LLC NPO "Innovative Medical Technologies" 18.02.2011 Design and development of a software-and-hardware system for diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders, vertigo and balance disorders
Found materials: not less 79.