Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Moscow, Zelenograd

Zelenograd is a recognized centre of electronic industry in Russia. Research and Development (R&D) enterprises possessing high scientific potential and modern technologies are concentrated in this area.

Business priorities:

  • Micro- and nanoelectronics, organic electronics;
  • Energy saving technologies and renewable energy sources;
  • Information and communication equipment;
  • Complex technical systems;
  • Nanotechnologies.


The zone area – approx. 150 hectares. (MIET and Alabushevo sites)

State infrastructure investments planned - over 28 billion roubles.

State investments implemented in the SEZ infrastructure and the town of Zelenograd as of January 1, 2011 – over 13 billion roubles.

Additional information can be obtained from:

The web-sites of SEZ JSC and

By telephone

In the Central Office of SEZ JSC

+ 7 (495) 645-26-90 (extension 2085)

In the Branch of SEZ JSC in Moscow (Zelenograd SEZ)

+ 7 (495) 739-64-02

  Investors The Land Plots  
Short name Date of entry in register Name of project
CJSC "ZNTC" 01.03.2011 Development and pilot production of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) on the basis of sensors of physical quantities as well as devices and systems based thereon
LLC "SanLit Technologies" 24.03.2010 Development and implementation of new technologies in the field of renewable energy resources and organization of pilot ecological production of thin-film photovoltaic solar modules based on amorphous silicon
CJSC "Binnopharm" 18.03.2010 Establishment of research-and development- technical-innovation centre "Biopharmcity" operating in the field of biotechnology for medical and pharmaceutical purposes
CJSC "STC Azimut" 18.03.2010 Development of advanced communication and navigation systems for air traffic control, manufacturing of developed products
JSC "PROTON-MIET Plant" 28.08.2009 Development and pilot production of new-generation devices and electrical appliances on the basis of domestic electronic components
LLC "Digital Security Technologies" 27.08.2009 Development of new security technologies
CJSC "NPO "ELAR" 27.08.2009 Design and development of equipment and systems for building of information resources
LLC "Aquachlor" 05.06.2009 Development of new technologies and equipment for technological processes of catalytic activation of aqueous solutions and production of pilot batches of stand-alone, high-performance, ecologically clean and safe micro modular installations such as "STEL" and "AQUACHLOR" for the needs of microelectronics, medical industry, industrial enterprises and housing and utilities services
JSC "SITRONICS-NT" 05.06.2009 Development of microelectronic products and pilot production of integrated microcircuits on wafers of a specified diameter
LLC "SAPFIR-INVEST" 05.03.2009 Development of technology and production of cylinders with artificial sapphire primary flat and artificial- sapphire-based plates
Found materials: not less 34.