Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Saint Petersburg

For many years Saint Petersburg has been the centre of precision instruments engineering and electronics that are developing on the basis of a scientific complex formed by twelve R&D institutes, RAN (the Russian Academy of Sciences) institutes, scientific centres and educational institutions.

Business priorities:

  • Information technologies and telecommunications
  • Medicine technologies
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Precision instruments engineering.


The zone area - 129 hectares

State infrastructure investments planned - over 14 billion roubles.

State infrastructure investments implemented - over 3 billion roubles.

Information on the registration procedure of rights in land plots can be obtained from:

The web-site of SEZ JSC

By telephone

In the Central Office of SEZ JSC

+ 7 (495) 645-26-90 (extension 2085)

in the Branch of SEZ JSC for Saint Petersburg

+ 7 (812) 380-49-29 (extension 4700)

  Investors The Land Plots  
Short name Date of entry in register Name of project
CJSC "MBNPK "Cytomed" 06.07.2011 Project of a scientific-production complex for research and manufacturing of active pharmaceutical substances
CJSC "RCI Syntez" 27.06.2011 Investment project on construction of a scientific-industrial complex for development and production of anti-cancer drugs
CJSC "Atri" 27.06.2011 Project of establishing a center for development and production of innovative computer solutions for severe operating conditions
LLC "Novartis Neva" 09.06.2011 Development of new Novartis pharmaceutical products and their production
LLC "AIT" 03.03.2011 Development of technology for plasma modification of metal surfaces; development of production technology for cutting wire
CJSC "VERTEX" 13.12.2010 Creation of innovative drugs: from search for active molecules and their synthesis, development of original combinations and modern generic drugs to industrial production of finished dosage forms in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
CJSC "BIOCAD" 10.09.2010 Project of a pharmaceutical complex in Saint Petersburg. Establishment of a pharmaceutical complex with a closed-loop cycle for design, production and sales of drugs from the list of vital and essential drugs (VED).
CJSC "MALYE PAROVYE MASHINY" 12.04.2010 Development and organization of pilot production of a type-series of low-power energy supply units based on screw steam backpressure turbine and creation of complex innovative solutions for small scale power industry
LLC "Inforesource Saint Petersburg" 18.03.2010 Development and implementation of system solutions for organization and operation of a data-center, as well as creating conditions for development of innovative technologies
LLC "Emzior" 07.09.2009 Development of software, software-and- hardware systems and provision of information services via Internet for small and medium-size businesses in various industries
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