Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Industrial Production SEZs are located in the most economically developed regions of Russia. They are characterized by predominance of industrial enterprises and well-developed transport infrastructure, rich natural resources and skilled manpower.

Lipetsk Region, Lipetsk

The zone area - 1024.34 hectares

Business priorities:

  • Ready-made metal products
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Production of transportation vehicles, equipment and components
  • Construction Materials


State infrastructure investments planned - over 17 billion roubles.

State infrastructure investments implemented - over 5 billion roubles.

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Tatarstan Republic, Alabuga

The zone area - 1997.34 hectares

Business priorities:

  • Motor vehicles and automotive components production
  • Petroleum Chemistry
  • Construction Materials
  • Consumer Goods


State infrastructure investments planned - over 20 billion roubles.

State infrastructure investments implemented - over 10 billion roubles.

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Samara Region, Togliatti

The zone area - 660 hectares.

Business priorities:

  • Automotive industry and components production
  • Construction materials
  • Consumer goods production


State infrastructure investments planned - over 7.9 billion rubles.

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Sverdlovsk Region, Titanium Valley

The zone area - 584.4 hectares.

Business priorities:

  • mechanic engineering
  • mechanical processing
  • aircraft engineering
  • chemical industry
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • building industry


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  Investors The Land Plots  
Short name Date of entry in register Name of project
CJSC "AGAR" 02.08.2011 Construction and bringing to designed capacity output of an automotive glass plant
LLC "RosMedTechnology-Lipetsk" 12.04.2011 Development of an enterprise for production of pharmaceuticals products. End product: radiopharmaceutical drug designed for providing population with diagnostic services technology during positron emission tomography/computer tomography in the network of centers established in the territory of Russia.
LLC "Picsar Coatings" 12.04.2011 Development of paint and varnish production including liquid and powder coatings, anticorrosive and wood coatings
LLC "SARIA Bio-Industries Volga" 02.03.2011 Construction of a plant for production of technical animal feed oil
CJSC "Trakya Glass Rus" 10.09.2010 Organization of sheet glass production. Manufacturing products of three groups: float glass (float sheet glass), mirrors and glass with low-emissivity (Low-E) coating.
LLC "Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry" 19.08.2010 Manufacturing of veneer sheets, plywood, wood boards and panels, wooden structures including prefabricated wooden constructions and joinery; manufacturing of wooden packaging; production of other products of wood and cork, straw and wickerwork materials.
LLC "SOLLERS-STAMP" 23.07.2010 Organization of press and welding production of pressed and welded auto-components
LLC "Belaya Dacha Alabuga" 23.07.2010 Processing of vegetable and green vegetable products
LLC "AVT" 09.07.2010 Production of various kinds of metal wire and metal wire products; manufacture of various types of metal bands and tapes
LLC "Grazhdanskie pripasy" 07.09.2009 Manufacture of plastic encapsulated shells for smoothbore weapon
Found materials: not less 33.