Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Irkutsk Region, the Gate of Baikal

The zone area is 1,590 hectares

Lake Baikal is the deepest and the most ancient lake on our planet, the largest natural fresh water reservoir. Water surface area is 31,722 km2 which approximately equals to territory of such countries as Belgium, the Netherlands or Denmark. According to the scientists, the age of the lake is 25 – 35 million years, the depth reaches 1,642 m. The Baikal water is remarkably clear and oxygenated; the transparency comes up to 40 meters. Baikal is surrounded by Siberian taiga, mountain chains and heathes. The region provides conditions for all types of tourism development. Situated in the very heart of Russia Baikal annually attracts over 800 thousand tourists from all the countries of the world.

Business priorities:

  • hotel complexes
  • eco-tourism
  • sports and extreme tourism
  • recreational tourism
  • business tourism
  • water tourism
  • SPA-tourism
  • balneological tourism (mineral waters)


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