Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Administrative regime and the system of “one-window”

To ensure a favorable climate for business development, to simplify the interaction procedures with public authorities and to reduce investors’ time consumption when implementing projects in special economic zones the system of "one window" is introduced.

The system of "one window" envisages:

  • Provision of a complex of public services in one place;
  • Submission and handing out of documents, as well as their preliminary approval in electronic form;
  • Ensuring permanent access of investors to information about the current status of processing of submitted documents and relevant management decisions made.

The system of "one window" is a single center of submitting documents required for property rent issues, land acquisition, accounting of real estate and registration of titles, obtaining building permits, technical specifications for connection to engineering networks.

The list of public services required for effective conduct of business is determined on the basis of questioning conducted among investing companies, and then a decision is made on involvement into the system of "one window" of certain government agencies (FTS of Russia, FCS of Russia, FMS of Russia, etc.). The agencies provide services related to the reception and handing out of required documents.

Public services based on the principle of "one window" are provided in specially equipped premises (office of "one window") located in the administrative and business centers in each of the special economic zones.