Alexey Likhachev: Our main task is the removal of barriers to goods and services in the EAEC


First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexey Likhachev at the International Investment Forum in Sochi took part in the round table "EAEC - new horizons of integration."

Panelists discussed the prospects for the formation of an integrated commodity and currency market of the EAEC, taking advantage of the Union to encourage the development of the economies of its member countries, the possibilities open to small, medium and large businesses.

Alexey Likhachev recalled that the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union, under which eliminated barriers to the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor, is a powerful catalyst for the growth of economic activity and investment attractiveness of the integration association. "Education more capacious market of the Union allows its members to increase production, economical use of resources and reduce costs through economies of scale, develop greater specialization and cooperation", - he said.

First Deputy Minister stressed that the EAEC became operational on 1 January 2015 at a time when the world is undergoing significant economic changes, redistributed the economic potential between the two countries, new centers of economic growth, particularly in Asia and South America. "Nevertheless, despite the current economic challenges, we can confidently say that the project of Eurasian integration does not stop there: all the partners agreed on the Treaty on the Union will be fully implemented," - he said.

Alexey Likhachev said that the main task - to align the barriers. The regulatory framework EAEC was established rapidly, now in its development takes a huge amount of industry documents related to the extreme sensitivity of the market - the energy market, with social issues, handling of drugs, alcohol, tobacco. "Our main challenge - is to implement all this in a real barrier-free environment," - he said.

Speaking about the problems of the future, First Deputy Minister pointed to the need to mobilize national resources, both administrative and intellectual, as well as supranational, on building a truly barrier-free environment. Often, the desire to create a barrier-free market rests on the emergence of insurmountable obstacles to the movement of goods. "Now, solving the last issues related to the goods and preparing for the launch of a barrier-free market for services, we have to clearly understand that if you do not carry out the job properly, we will lose time and have other people will do this work," - he said.

Finally, Alexey Likhachev expressed confidence that in the course of the integration of construction in the EAEC when implemented all the conditions for the free movement of goods, services, capital and labor, and directly involved in the integration will be the wider business, including small and medium businesses - the citizens of the Union and Member States receive maximum benefit from the integration.