Nikolai Podguzov: Creating a corporation for SME development - a step in the right direction


On the 2nd of October 2015 Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Nikolai Podguzov spoke at the panel discussion "lending business in Russia. How to ensure the access of entrepreneurs to financial resources? "On the sidelines of the International Investment Forum" Sochi-2015".

Due to the economic turbulence occurs tightening of monetary policy is complicated access to credit, rates for small and medium businesses are on a level that. According to Nikolai Podguzov, the stabilization of the macroeconomic situation, the reduction of inflation can create the preconditions for the Central Bank to ease monetary policy, thereby increasing access to credit. "We all want the Central Bank more determined in this way", said he.
At the same time, issues of banking regulation are extremely important from the point of view of banks to lend to small and medium businesses. The Deputy Minister said that on the side of the controller is also a big agenda - to make the regulations so that it was convenient to banks to lend to SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

Regarding  Ministry of Economic Development, this activity is its main. Every year allocated more than 20 billion rubles. SME support. In this regard, it is worth noting the establishment of a system of regional guarantee funds. Due to this large volume support is provided to SMEs. But even all this system provides only 2.5% of the total allocation of credit to SMEs.

"In the current conditions of high rates, we are developing a number of tools that allow the principles of risk-sharing, PPP refinance loans including SMEs on favorable terms," - said Nikolai Podguzov. Over the past few years and the current value of 1 for the projects - 20 billion rubles. Ministry of Economic Development has launched a program to support the principles of project financing. For more than 50 projects reviewed and more than 30 projects worth about 200 billion rubles. selected. "Unfortunately, a similar program that we want to start with the ASI until earned. We hope that this tool, which as a result is able to get the rate for SMEs at 10%, is very much in demand ", - said he.

Also, the Deputy Minister noted that the Ministry of Economic Development is actively developing a system of regional guarantee institutions as a key element that enhances their power. In mid-2014 the Agency launched a system of loan guarantees. Entrepreneurs' access to credit facilities - is the main element. But entrepreneurs need the full support: legal, administrative, informational, namely, how to get coveted credit. With these questions the idea of creating a single window for SMEs. "Creation of the corporation for the development of SMEs - a step in the right direction, which will greatly facilitate the access of entrepreneurs to credit resources. We hope that this corporation will work for the benefit of the whole country ", - concluded Nikolai Podguzov.