When carrying out Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) the municipalities must have a choice


In the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation the round table "Legal support of implementation of procedures of regulatory impact assessment of drafts of municipal regulations" took place.

At the action results of work for implementation of RIA to regions and municipalities, offers for further improvement of the legislation, practical work with system of the regulatory impact assessment - progress and difficulties were discussed.

Representatives of subjects and local governments designated resource shortage and apathy of business, as the main problems of development of RIA institute. Thus the effects gained from the prevented expenses of businessmen are already very essential. For example, the Ulyanovsk region managed to save to business 1 billion rubles which could become the unreasonable expenses caused by unreasoned regulation.

In the course of the discussion the Director of the Department of Regulatory Impact Assessment of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Vadim Zhivulin in detail described regional statistics and ways of optimization of the process. According to him, RIA first of all is mathematics. "It is necessary to consider, how many money will be spent on implementation of this or that decision, - he noted. - Many regions already felt it. We still consider that in municipal areas and formations of RIA has to be carried out in an initiative order. There, where participants are ready to this both in resource, and in consciousness. It is not necessary to produce bureaucracy, it is necessary to reconstruct the relation to legislative process".

This offer got support of all participants of the action and will be included to recommendations of the Federation Council following the results of the round table.

On October 1, 2015 the draft of the federal law "About modification of separate acts of the Russian Federation concerning the regulatory impact assessment of drafts of regulations and examination of regulations", is brought in the State Duma which are offered to consider feature of carrying out of RIA in municipalities (except for city districts – administrative centers of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation) and to fix an initiative order instead of the obligatory one.