Alexander Tsybulskiy: In strict compliance with the agreements of regional development strategy will become a real tool


On the  3d of October  2015 Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexander Tsybulskiy participated in a brainstorming on the theme: "How do I get the strategy for regional development?" At the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2015".
Panelists discussed the considerable practical experience in the development and implementation of strategic planning documents.

At the moment, at the level of the Russian Federation adopted a long-term concept of social and economic development up to 2020 and forecast long-term social and economic development until 2030. Developed and approved by at least 80 sectoral strategic documents at the federal level.

5 adopted federal territorial planning schemes, fixing long-term plans for development of basic infrastructure - transport, energy, pipeline transport, health, education.

Alexander Tsybulskiy said that a year ago Ministry of Economic Development was adopted by 172 of the Federal Law on strategic planning in the Russian Federation, which aims to build strategies, forecasts, plans of action, the scheme of territorial planning and budgeting mechanisms into a single built-in, but stressed that at present it is difficult to assess results in the long term for the year of the introduction of the strategic document.

"There are major performance problems of regional development strategies. When raised the issue of regional development at the federal level, comes the understanding that actual documents of territorial development of goal-setting is not. Following a strict system of the Soviet Union for the development of transport, energy, infrastructure skeletons of new infrastructure in Russia has not appeared. 172 FL is intended to rectify this error, "- said Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

Today, the strategy of socio-economic development of the subjects of the Russian Federation is a document of different levels of visual quality prospects for regional development
"Unfortunately, many strategies are currently inoperable. And this is true, since these documents are not supported by rigid funding. The basic idea of Law 172 of strategic planning is. All the planning system of the Russian Federation should be allocated to the regional level in the common system of socio-economic forecast, then - in the strategy of socio-economic development, territorial planning schemes, then - in terms of implementation strategies, and then - in the budgeting tool that clearly subscribe to those plans that have been negotiated. Any strategy will work, if the document is conservative, in which well-respected all the agreements. With this construction of our strategy to earn and become a real instrument ", - said Deputy Minister of Economic Development.

"Today is also a plan of measures for the development of policies, but as a rule, they are functional and have nothing to do with budgeting. It is necessary to clarify that any plan is osnovopolaganiem for budgeting at the federal and regional levels in the future, otherwise the strategy for socio-economic development of the subjects are no more than corporate documents. This is the biggest problem that we have to face. To that end, the supposed unification of the process with the Finance Ministry to jointly build plans for uniform rules, "- said Alexander Tsybulskiy.