Alexey Ulyukaev: We have entered the period of low prices for raw materials, it is therefore necessary to increase the rate of growth of non-oil exports


On December 4 2015, the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Ulyukaev signed the agreement on the procedure and conditions of activity of representatives of Russian Export Center JSC (REC) sent to work in the trade missions of the Russian Federation in foreign states. On behalf of REC JSC the agreement was signed by CEO Petr Fradkov.

Alexey Ulyukaev recalled that the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation set the task of forming a comprehensive national system of export support, able to effectively promote Russian products to foreign markets. "In the message to the Federal Assembly, the President emphasized the need for the implementation of the program of export support as a key response to facing the Russian economy’s global challenges and threats," - he said.

According to the Minister, commodity prices will remain low in the long term, it is therefore necessary to increase the rate of growth of non-oil exports. "We have fallen into a long strip, when the prices of commodities will not be as high, as we used in the last 10-15 years. This applies to oil, gas and metals," — said Ulyukayev.

The Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation stressed that in solving problems of export support enhancing the interaction of REC JSC with trade missions plays an important role. "I mean, the plans on the establishing representative offices and trading houses on REC basis," - he explained.

The main task faced by the REC representatives, sent to work in the trade missions is providing Russian exporters with a range of specialized services to promote their products and services to foreign markets. For example, it is providing consulting support to exporters by the specifics of local markets, providing exporters with storage space, representation of interests of Russian companies when participating in tenders and procurement in the local market, providing advertising and PR support and other services.

The Minister said that in the first quarter of next year there would be the launch the practical work of trading houses in pilot countries. "Based on our priorities, we have selected 10 countries, where, in the first place, REC representatives will be sent to study the organization of trade missions. This is Argentina, Vietnam, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan, France and South Africa. In these countries we are planning to focus the work on supporting the promotion of specific projects using the tools of the Centre. In the future, we are planning to extend the practice of organization of trading houses on all missions", - he said.

Interaction with the Center, working in the mode of "single window", will increase the accessibility and transparency of procedures for obtaining state support for exporters, and expand the range of quality services provided to Russian exporters.

"I believe that the signing of the agreement will be an important step in the practical work with the Center to support Russian exporters in promoting their products and services to foreign markets, including on the basis of jointly established trading houses," - Alexey Ulyukaev said.