G20 Ministers of Economic Affairs Discussed Slowdown in Global Economic Growth


On October 6 in Istanbul (Turkey) the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexey Ulyukaev took part in the meeting of G20 Ministers of Trade. During the session “Slowdown in Global Economic Growth” the ministers discussed the reasons of slowdown, cyclical and structural reforms, world economy slowdown effects on the trade, possible counter measures including those within the national development strategies.

During the session “Strengthening of Global Mercantile System” the G20 ministers were looking for the ways of development of international trade system, regional trade agreements transparency and their role in accumulation of versatile mercantile system.

Besides that, the oncoming 10th WTO conference in Nairobi was in the spotlight of G20 Ministers of Economic Affairs, as well as implementation of Bali package including the WTO agreement ratification on trade facilitation.