Russia and Tajikistan are intent to increase volumes of economic cooperation


Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexander Tsybulskiy took the part in Fourth conference on international cooperation of Russia and Tajikistan in Dushanbe city.

In the framework of Conference, there were lead four thematic round tables “Development of Russian-Tajik cooperation in the sphere of agriculture”, “Conditions and statutory regulation of labor migration process between Russia and Tajikistan”, “Principal directions of development of humanitarian and inter-municipal twin-city connections of Russia and Tajikistan”, “Position and ways of foreign economic operations between Russia and Tajikistan activation”, and also exchange of contacts.

Alexander Tsybulskiy declared that our main aim in foreseeable future consists in sectorial diversification and increasing of economic cooperation volumes including hi tech areas, information and telecommunication sphere, aviation, power industry, engineering, agriculture, Tajikistan’s transportation system development and realization of free-trade zones in common projects.

According to him Russia is key trade partner of Tajikistan from 2007. External turnover between our countries is 242 billion US dollars for 10 months of 2015, this index is revised down compared with the same period in 2014.  

Furthermore, turnover from Tajikistan in Russia increased more than 22%, but the growth of fruit and vegetable products increased more than 60%. About 30% of investment arrive in economy of Tajikistan from Russian Federation, mainly in power supply, industry, mining and smelting, construction industries, transport, innovative and other services. Trans-regional cooperation of Tajikistan and Russia develops every year and increases its indexes.

Alexander Tsybulskiy  underlined that for five years, had passed from first meeting of region leaders of two countries in December, 2010, trans-regional Russian-Tajik conferences become  traditional and actual business platform.

There was signed the Memorandum about cooperation between product group of West-Ural engineering concern and “Angishti Tochik” SUE on the sidelines of event.