Nikolai Podguzov: Double-stored train was started within the support of investment projects program


3 December, 2015 Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Nikolai Podguzov took part in special event on the occasion of double-stored train “Samara - Moscow” first departure.

According to Nikolai Podguzov, project on purchasing by “Federal passengers company” JSC 34 double-stored trains for operating in a root “Samara - Moscow” were chosen with Inter-departmental commission under the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in the frameworks of investment projects support program, which realized on a basis of project financing.

Deputy minister that given mechanism of investment project support based on  loan funds provision by Bank of Russia to authorized banks for purposes of  loans refunding given to the  beneficial borrower on special conditions which allow to real sector economy organizations take out loans at a reduced fee (currently not to exceed 11,5% per annum). At that, he noted that the full cost of investment project must compose at least 1 billion RUB and at most 20 billion RUB, and financing by means of borrowed funds should not exceed 80% of dull cost of project.  

Deputy Minister underlined that in the conditions of sanctions regime and closing of foreign capital market for largest Russian banks this Program is one of operating mechanisms of funding attraction at the domestic level.

According to him, at the present time it is a fair assumption to say that the present program is most searched on the part of real economy enterprises and bank communities. He noted that 69 projects were considered by Interdepartmental commission and 42 projects totally 347 billion RUB were approved for 10 months 2015.  

Deputy Minister made notice that the most volume of support in value terms in the frameworks of Program rendered to the transport complex projects and industry. Particularly, “Federal passengers company” JSC devoted 2,5 billion RUB of credit funds for realization of this project.