Accreditation systems of Russia and the EU have started a process of rapprochement


On December 4, 2015, State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Economic Development Oleg Fomichev took part in the conference "Rapprochement of accreditation systems of Russia and the EU".

Oleg Fomichev noticed that today Russia and the EU are major trading partners. "The issues of strengthening and development of foreign economic relations between Russia and the EU, even despite the difficulties that now present in the relationship, will remain a key priority of our economic and political activity", - he stressed.

In this regard, the sharing of best practices of building and development of accreditation systems is as relevant as ever. The Deputy Minister reminded that the project "Rapprochement of accreditation systems of Russia and the EU", which has been implemented over the past three years, is nearly over.

"For this period our country has been carried out large-scale reforms in the accreditation system, - the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development said. At the end of 2013, there was adopted a long-awaited base Federal Law "On accreditation in national accreditation system", which was developed on the basis of international standards and requirements in this area".

According to him, meetings and consultations with the project experts allowed to develop effective and modern solutions that meet the requirements of international standards in the field of accreditation and approaches used in European countries.

In this work, the project experts shared their experience and practical experience obtained in the creation of the European accreditation system. Fomichev noticed that the great contribution was made in the training of employees of the Federal Accreditation Service in the framework seminars and round tables held in 2015, study visits of staff members to the national accreditation bodies. "This is a key area because of the fact how employees of the authority itself are competent, proving its competency, the efficiency of the entire system depends on", - the Deputy Minister said.

The head of the Federal Accreditation Service Savva Shipov noted that the project had been prepared by Russian trainers who could train the staff according to international standards.

"All this was done, primarily, to address one of the key tasks for the near future - the international recognition of the Russian accreditation system", - Oleg Fomichev said.

Since May 2013, the Federal Accreditation Service has been an associate member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), in December 2014, the Service filed an application for membership in the international accreditation forum (IAF). According to him, obtaining full membership in these organizations is planned for 2016. It will have been preceded by the assessment of our system by foreign experts, including assessing the quality management system integrated in the System.

"The result should be the creation of conditions for reduction of barriers in mutual trade of Russia and the EU", - the Deputy Minister of Economic Development said.