Oleg Fomichev: Multipurpose Centers receive 5 million people each month


Oleg Fomichev, the State Secretary, Deputy of the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation spoke at the All-Russian seminar arranged by the MEDT of Russia for discussion of the principal issues of the MpC system establishment and development in the country in the matter of Multipurpose Centers (MpC) administration.

More than 200 representatives authorized by MpCs, public authorities of  territorial entities of the RF, officers responsible for the network deployment in regions as well as federal executive authority representatives who in MpCs provide the citizens with public services based on so called "one window principle" took part in the event.

"2015 is the final year: only several months left and the establishment of the centers network will be completed. This is why we have to use our best efforts on the way to fast and efficient realization of the assigned objective", - mentioned Oleg Fomichev at the event opening.

According to his report at present time on the territory of the country 2040 MpCs, approximately 5000 territorially autonomous subdivisions (MpC offices) and 400 offices of outside organizations were established. Now the MpC network covers 72% of the population all over the country. "The centers receive about 5 million applications from people monthly", - emphasizes the Deputy of the Minister.

The seminar participants discussed issues of the MpC network establishment and development in territorial entities of the RF, arrangement of mechanisms to provide public services of federal executive authorities and state non-budgetary funds. The reports of the FMS, the FTA and the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography of the RF were delivered.

According to the MEDT the index of MpC compliance with requirements of Methodological recommendations on informatization approved by the MEDT directive equals 72%. It exceeds the resulting index from November 1, 2014 by 16 points. In comparison with the previous year, now 55% of public and municipal centers are equipped with quality communication channels.

One of the main directions on which special attention should be paid until the end of the year is connection of MpC to the system of public services quality monitoring "Your Control" and to the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction according to assignment of the President of the RF, namely, all Federal departments until the end of the year must provide the function of electronic interaction with MpC without duplication of documents hard copies.

In the conclusion of the event Alexey Hersontsev, the Director Department of State Regulation in Economy, emphasized that regions have already carried out the work on Multipurpose centers network establishment and now it is essential not to slow down and to pay special attention to quality of public services provided within the network. In addition, he expressed certainty that in spite of all challenges under discussion the regions which fall behind until the end of the year will catch up and improve the results.