Alexey Likhachev: “The winners are those who come to invest and work in Russia”


On October 21, 2015 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Likhachev took part in Russia-Britain Business Forum RussiaTalk-2015. This year the Patron of the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce, the member of the royal family Prince Michael of Kent was an honorary guest of the Forum.

“The United Kingdom has always been and remains one of the leading trading partners and one of the major foreign investors in Russia, this country is the source of advanced technologies and the best management practices,” the First Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation said, having pointed out that in a successful 2013 the commodity turnover between the two countries was equal to 25 billion USD and in 2015 it fell by 40%. “There are two parts in this falling: an objective one, namely, dramatic raw material price reduction and jumping of currency rates, and a subjective one – the result of political decisions,” he noted.

The First Deputy Minister laid emphasis on the fact that Russia kept improving investment climate. “Foreign businessmen should know that a united market of The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) was created and in course of time it will become a notable phenomenon in the world economy. At the same time Russia and other EEU members are ready to work toward a goal of the common economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The import substitution industrialization is being realized in Russia.” According to Alexey Likhachev, there is no plan to forbid anybody to work in Russian market. The point is manufacture localization and appearing of added value in Russia. “The winners are those who come to invest and work in Russia as they make Russian products irrelevant to where they come from to our market,” he said.

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce is our long-time and reliable partner. “The events held by the Chamber always arouse interest of business community in both countries,” Alexey Likhachev noted. The Chamber is guided by logic of mutually profitable, equal and productive co-operation that is especially important in a politically volatile environment.