Oleg Fomichev: The national accreditation system reform is entering to the final stage


On October 20, 2015 the State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev opened the IV All-Russian congress of experts in accreditation in Moscow.

According to him, "the national accreditation system reform is entering to the final stage". All work done by departments is directed at the same time for getting of international acknowledgment by national accreditation system according to the tasks given by the President of the country and the Government of the Russian Federation.

From coming into action of the Federal law about accreditation in the national accreditation system and the bylaws accepted according to it, it is passed no more than a year. Thus, the institute of experts in accreditation which, in the opinion of the Deputy Minister, are "the most important component of the entire accreditation system" was finally issued.

The law about accreditation gave a three-year transition period for passing of recertification of experts.

At the same time, Fomichev noticed, during 2015-2016 years actually all accredited persons, it is more than 10 thousand parties, must confirm their compliance to the new requirements. He also noted that taking into account applications for accreditation from new economic parties within the state services the potential volume of local estimates of applicants, the accredited persons makes about 6500 in a year. "This is a great responsibility for accreditation and technical experts, participating in estimates within confirmation of competence of the accredited persons", - the Deputy Minister stressed.

The Director of the Department for state regulation in economy of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Hersontsev reminded, that in 2015 in total 10 administrative regulations were accepted by orders of the Ministry, 9 regulations from them are governing rendering of the state services and one administrative regulation is for control of activity of the accredited persons. 3 regulations are already registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation; the others until the end of the year have to receive the state registration. Thus, Alexey Hersontsev emphasized, by the beginning of 2016 clear and transparent governing of all state services of Federal Accreditation Service will be completely created.

Now the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and Federal Accreditation Service by results of the analysis of law-enforcement practice are preparing changes to regulations concerning accreditation in national system, including to criteria.

Alexey Hersontsev reported that a number of drafts of the relevant documents have been already developed, changes to criteria of accreditation are placed for passing of public consultations within the Regulatory Impact Assessment procedure, and part of the acts also will be posted soon for discussion at the Federal portal of drafts of normative legal acts

All procedure of work on drafts of acts is open, the representative of the Ministry emphasized and urged accreditation experts to use more actively the Federal portal, by means of which all comments and offers for law-making initiatives arrive directly to developers of acts.

Also in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation it is considered important to settle normally the problem with unfair participants of the market who use various mechanisms not to lose accreditation and introduce roguish schemes with use of short-lived intermediaries.

Therefore within updating of the legislation it is planned to enter provisions, excluding the practice of evasion of accredited persons from carrying out the state control, and also to include additional statements to the Code of Administrative Offences.

"It is offered the serious responsibility - the penalty can reach one million rubles", - Alexey Hersontsev noticed.

For October 1, 2015, according to the head of Federal Accreditation Service Savva Shipov, from the moment of the introduction of the Federal law about accreditation in force more, than for 20% the number of certification authorities and test laboratories, was reduced by 36% - the organizations working in the sphere of ensuring unity of measurements.

Now the matter of creation at Federal Accreditation Service of the special center of methodical support of experts which is urged to become the uniform center of competence of national accreditation system is studied.