Alexander Tsybulskiy: New residents of special economic zones (SEZ) invest more than 20.5 billion rubles in their projects


On November 2, 2015 in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Alexander Tsybulskiy the meeting of advisory council on industrial and production special economic zones took place.

"Today four new requests are submitted by the companies with foreign investments: from Singapore, Holland, Finland and Poland. It once again confirms that Russia is interesting to our foreign partners", - Alexander Tsybulskiy declared.

At this the Deputy Minister noted that the Polish investors will concentrate on production of a ceramic tile, Dutches are interested in creation of modern production of hothouse structures, and the Singapore investors - in production of electronics.

At a meeting demands of the companies for conducting of activity in the Lipetsk region (SEZ "Lipetsk"), the Astrakhan region (SEZ "Lotus"), Sverdlovsk region (SEZ "Titanium Valley"), the Pskov area (SEZ to "Moglino", the Republic of Tatarstan (SEZ "Alabuga") and the Moscow region (SEZ "Dubna") were also considered.

The total amount of the declared investments of new residents makes more than 20.5 billion rubles. Organization of new production units in the territory of special economic zones will allow to create more than 1 200 workplaces.

Also at the advisory council demands for change of conditions of agreements from three acting residents of the SEZ were considered. So in the SEZ PPT "Alabuga" the AO Interskol-Alabuga Company increases the range of manufactured products and output. The total amount of investments of this resident will be increased by 0.5 billion rubles. All these changes will allow to create 150 workplaces in addition.

"For the first time in the history of SEZ between the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and two investment companies of OOO Evraziya Alabuga and OOO Development the agreements for interaction in the sphere of development of infrastructure of the SEZ PPT "Alabuga" providing more than 5 billion rubles of private investments into development of the SEZ are concluded. In the territory of the SEZ "Alabuga" two large objects "Industrial and logistic park "A Plus Park of Alabuga" and "Administrative Business Centre 2",  including office and trade centers, hotel complex, the rent areas" will be constructed, - Alexander Tsybulskiy reported.

He also noted that these investors don't receive preferences as residents of the SEZ and their choice is based only on the favourable investment climate created at the SEZ "Alabuga".

The projects considered on advisory council provide investments in in branches, important for development of Russian economics, including 8.9 billion rubles into chemical industry, 6.2 billion rubles into production of construction materials, 4.1 billion rubles into production of industrial goods, 2.6 billion rubles into manufacturing of equipment for agriculture, 2.5 billion rubles into the food industry, 400 million rubles into production of electrical equipment.

"There are projects of the existing residents – the companies which believed in the SEZ and develop successful activity, for example OOO "Interskol-Alabuga", - Alexander Tsybulskiy noted. - This company, being the resident of the SEZ "Alabuga", came to the project in 2012, and in 2014 began production. The company increases the volume of investment from 1 605 to 2 117 million rubles".

The essential volumes of investment of the companies representing various branches of the production sphere testify to the increasing interest of investors in special economic zones in Russia.