The Rules of Central and Local Government Procurement Monitoring Accepted


The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has signed Resolution  №1193 prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. This document determines the rules, the procedure and the contents of overall research report preparation that is formed on the basis of monitoring results.

According to the rules the Monitoring is conducted on a permanent basis by gathering, consolidation, systematization and assessment of the information:

  • on procurement (including the realization of procurement plans and procurement timetable), this information is contained in the united information system in the sphere of procurement;
  • that federal executive authorities send to the agency providing the monitoring;
  • that is contained in the letters and inquiries from federal executive authorities, federal public authorities, state and local authorities, citizens, organizations, including non-governmental, from associations of legal entities and that contained in the reports of social control of compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation and legal acts for contract system in the procurement sphere;
  • on connected with the procurement sphere judicial decisions and acts that have already entered into legal force;
  • contained in other public sources.

The above mentioned decisions will allow to estimate the effectiveness of provisioning government and municipal needs and to take measures for improvement of Russian legislation and legal acts in the procurement sphere.

The Resolution is coming into effect on January 1, 2017.