Oleg Fomichev: Open data – new paradigm of national development


On December 10, State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev took part in plenary session “Open data – new paradigm of national development” within the frameworks of summit “Open data - 2015”.

“Today’s summit for us is a certain cut-off on the way that we have already passed”, - Oleg Fomichev said, having mentioned that for three years from the start of project implementation serious progress has been achieved. Regulatory and methodological procedures have been created, data in wide variety of fields is revealed, federal portal of open data and a wide range of other resources – federal and regional - is created. At federal portal of open data about 4 thousand sets of open data have already been placed, and more than 7 thousand – at portals of open data of Russian regions.

“The result which we have received is a merit of the infrastructure which was created on the basis of Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation under defining role of Open Government and Council for open data, - Deputy Minister pointed out. – What we see now is a success story notwithstanding the fact that we are at the start of the way”.

Oleg Fomichev also pointed out that there was a lot of data in federal authorities which can be revealed. “We and Ministry of Communications at the level of ministries and agencies demand that in any offers on creation of national and official information systems there is an indication from the very beginning that the results of work of these systems shall be revealed”, - he said.

According to him, simultaneous work on address, purposeful reveal of actual information is in progress. “We are doing this while orienting to the demands from the market”, - he pointed out. Even now 141 requests for revealing of data have come through the portal, on 26 of which there is substantial work with authorities, 18 sets are published, the rest are in progress.

Deputy Minister also pointed out that in road map on improvement of quality of regulatory environment for business federal executive authorities were assigned to reveal information from their records and registers. “We together with Higher School of Economics found out 600 of such records and registers, - he said. – Not all information from these registers one will be able to open – some information is confidential and limited to publicity, we will work with owners concerning what can be revealed and what cannot be revealed”.

“There are many possibilities of revealing the data - this is a “two way road”, - Fomichev specified. - We are waiting for new requests from developers, so that maximum of useful information could be revealed”.

State Secretary pointed out that it was necessary to work simultaneously with potential developers of services and to speed up processes for consumers of open data.

For this purpose more than 40 competitions on development of applications and services on the basis of open data have been held lately, including two codefests under the auspices of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Within the frameworks of the summit results of all-Russian competition on open data were announced.

Winner in nomination “Social projects” became service “Land competitive bidding” (http://земторги.рф), which helps the buyers to analyze land plots offered for sale and to take good decision on participation in tender.

In nomination “Economics”, the winner was web search engine, which allows searching of housing according to the conditions of urban environment, data on ecology of the region.

In nomination “Technologies” the winner was service “Russian Schools” ( designated to help parents in the choice of a school. All information on quality of education with possibility to compare educational institutions is gathered in one place on the site.

The winner in special nomination was project “Geocode” for creation of geoinformation platform “Open data”.

Jury also honored projects which were 2 and 3 in each nomination. In particular, it is interactive navigator of  formation of routes for PRM, service of Housing and Utilities infrastructure “RU-KVARTAL” («РУ-КВАРТАЛ») for communication of tenants of houses with asset management companies, project for help people suffering from grass pollen allergy “Flower Dust Club” («Пыльца Club»), mobile application “I want to go to college.RF” («Хочупоступить.РФ») for maintaining of taking decision to enter the university, portal for increasing of openness of Government procurement “Economics 2.0” («Экономика 2.0»), service “EcoMonitor” («ЭкоМонитор») for provision of state ecological information to average citizens in convenient and clear form.

All finalists - 18 projects – received certificates for support of projects by Open Government, which will help developers to form communication with leading industry experts, venture capitalists, institutes for development, data suppliers.