Italian business is Going to Strengthen Its Positions On Russian Market


Igor Karavayev, Russian Trade Representative to Italy, discussed with Italian businessmen import substitution industrialization and investments support programs at federal and regional levels, and possible ways of business development in Russia. The discussion was organized during the visit to the Marche region. Russian Trade Representative invited all involved companies to take part in the session of the Working group on industrial districts and cooperation in the spheres of small and medium business that will be held in Italy in 2016.

There were the heads of large manufacturing companies among Italian businessmen who took part in the session, for example, ETS (equipment for oil and gas companies and gas pipelines), iGuzzini (lighting equipment), Pieralisi (equipment for olive oil production), Unionalpha s.p.a. (cable products), Whirlpool Corporation (home appliances production), Baldinini (shoe making), Tecnoshops (interior design for exhibitions), Umpi (development of smart home and smart city complex systems) and Giampaoli (confectionery).

According to Russian Trade Representative, Russia has been a key partner for the Marche region for more than 20 years. “It is not a mere coincidence that the system of industrial districts, a basis of region economy, was used as one of the basic models for development of industry clusters and special economic zones in our country. A successful example of this approach is an industrial district of home appliances manufacturers in Lipetsk Oblast and one of the first foreign companies that localized its production in Russia is Indesit Company (a part of Whirlpool Corporation since 2015); the basic infrastructure of the Company is situated in the Marche region,” he noted.

There was organized a meeting with the representatives of footwear industry of the Marche region in Sant'Elpidio a Mare. Italian shoe manufacturers voiced their concern regarding sales decrease of their production in Russia.

According to Italian statistical data, during the first 5 months of 2015 Italian footwear export to Russia decreased by 35% compared with the same period in 2014 and compared with 2013 the delivery fell by one half and even more. From January till May 2015 gross profit of Italian shoe manufacturers decreased by 80 million Euros and till the end of the year, according to the experts, decrease will reach 200 million Euros.

The participants of the meeting told about their plans to overcome these difficulties. Baldinini Company (sales volume in 2014 is 120 million Euros, of which 75% in Russia) offers considerable reductions and invests into opening new shops in our country; Fabi (more than a half of gross profit accrues to Russia) made a decision to renew its product line and substitute premium production with the footwear of medium price range.

The representative of Macsenior srl Company, one of the principal supplier of footwear machinery in the Marche region, announced that they were studying very carefully the possibility of supply of their machinery to Russia to one of the special economic industrial zones. The businessman did not exclude the possibility of manufacturing localization in Russia.

Russian Trade Representative offered the Management of Italian company to pay special attention to industry clusters (active and those being formed) in Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk region and Rostov region.

“We are not interested in isolation, on the contrary, we are interested in those foreign manufacturers of competitive products without analogs in Russia who are ready to localize their manufacture in our country. All these companies will get benefits that are similar to those that Russian companies have,” Igor Karavayev noted.