State Duma ratified international agreement on cocoa from 2010


The First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Likhachev submitted for approval draft federal law “On ratification of International Cocoa Agreement 2010” at State Duma plenary meeting. State Duma accepted the Federal law and sent it for approval to the Federation Council.

As Alexey Likhachev pointed out, the document being seventh in succession, was signed 01.10.2014 in New-York and it contains a variety of innovations in comparison with Agreement 2001. “New organization structure for raising of efficiency of International Cocoa Organization activities is being created, in particular by means of supervision of performance of the Agreement,   powers of International Cocoa Council are enforced”,- he said.

Importance of Consultative Board on the World Cocoa Economy was also confirmed, its mission is assistance in active attraction of experts from private sector to the work of International Red Cross Society and motivation of the dialogue between representatives of state and private sector. Besides, necessity of forming reasonable prices on cocoa was admitted; such prices shall ensure fair economic return for manufacturers as well as consumers of cocoa. The First Deputy Minister said there were no procedures regulating prices on cocoa beans in the agreement, however the document helped at the level of discussion between importers and exporters of cocoa. ”Agreement says that nowadays 48 countries of the world are importers and exporters of cocoa. Russia is one of the largest consumers of this product and is on the third place after the USA and the United Kingdom”, — The First Deputy Minister said. According to him, export of cocoa and chocolate from Russia is 160 thousand tons per year. Main countries where we send it are Kazakhstan, Byelorussia and Azerbaidzhan. More than 120 thousand of people are occupied in the branch.

 Participation in the agreement imposes on Russia obligations on payment of annual membership fee in the amount of 68,649 pounds sterling (about 104 thousand dollars). “Budgetary provisions are designated in the current budget as well as budgetary estimate for 2016”, — Likhachev specified.

Russian Federation has been a participant of International Cocoa Agreements for more than twenty years – from the moment of joining to the Agreement of 1993; Soviet Union was one of the originators of the Organization.

Russia is one of the largest consumers of cocoa beans in the world, according to estimates of International Cocoa Organization, Russian market of   confectionery products made of chocolate is the third one after the USA and the United Kingdom.