Alexey Ulyukaev: Russia Supports the Strengthening of APEC Economies Cooperation


On November 16, 2015 Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Ulyukaev in Manila (the Philippines) took part in the session: “Inclusive Growth by Integrated Economies” within a joint meeting of APEC Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Trade, the meeting goes before APEC Leaders’ Summit (November 18-19).

During the meeting the ministers of 21 APEC economies discussed the progress of study on perspective of Asia-Pacific free trade area creation, the key documents of the Philippine chairmanship, i.e. APEC Services Framework Agreement, Small and Medium Enterprises Support Strategy in regional and international trade, APEC Strategy on Qualitative Growth securing.

The APEC economies have an important impact on the world economy growth, together they produce more than a half of the world GDP. “The APEC has reaffirmed its commitment to providing stable, inclusive and innovative growth in the region,” noted Alexey Ulyukaev. He emphasized that APEC Strategy on dynamic and qualitative growth would further the goals of the meeting, provide secure and stable development of the region and realization of economic integration.

Minister noted that Russia highly appreciated APEC work on structural reforms progress in participating countries’ economies. “We are realizing the reforms in the spheres of regulatory environment, competition policy, intellectual property rights protection. In APEC discussions on structural reforms Russia paid special attention to innovations development issues, especially that our country is making a determined effort in this direction,” he added.

Besides, the Ministers discussed the development of integration processes in the region and noted that more than a half of free-trade zone agreements in the world were accounted for by Asia-Pacific. In their opinion, bilateral, regional and multipartite trade agreements are to complete many-sided mercantile system based on the norms and regulations of the WTO. “Russia supports the teamwork of APEC participants on strengthening the regional integration and creation of Asia-Pacific free trade area,” noted Alexey Ulyukaev.

According to the Minister, Russia is taking an active part in the preparation of a joint Strategic Study on Asia-Pacific free trade area creation. Our country is especially interested in the following aspects of the document: trade and next-generation investment, measures influencing the trade and investment, the analysis of existing regional trade agreements and free trade area agreements. “It is very important to provide a well-coordinated work of the economies during the study,” emphasized Minister of Economic Development of Russia.

Alexey Ulyukaev noted that during the study Russia was ready to share her experience of economic integration within the EEU. “Our integration project is developing successfully. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan has become full-fledged members of the EEU. We have gained interesting experience and we are ready to share it with our partners,” he added.

During the meeting Russia supported also the acceptance of Activity Plan on Cooperation in the sphere of services in APEC region. According to the Minister, this plan will promote the development of competitive service industry in APEC economies, will help to expand service trade and provide the regulatory actions concurrence.

The Ministers were also dealing with the questions of interconnection in Asia-Pacific. “We are sure that widespread use of information technologies, intelligent transportation systems implementation, cargo transfer monitoring based on GLONASS, transport and logistic services with automated control will let mitigate risks and increase supply chains reliability” the Minister noted.