The Format of National Entrepreneurship’s Initiative should continue


On November 16, 2015, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development Stanislav Voskresensky spoke on plenary session “Creation of Favorable Environment for Running Business. Results and Future Tasks” within the frames of the conference “100 steps to Favorable Investment Climate.”

Stanislav Voskresensky evaluated prospects of work of the National Entrepreneurship’s Initiative.

 “We will propose to the highest level leaders of the country to continue the format of the National Entrepreneurship’s Initiative,” declared Stanislav Voskresensky.

“The essence of the NEI lies in the fact that the format which contains two “keys” of decision making: the Government and active business, appeared in the history of our country for the first time,” he mentioned.

The Deputy Minister specified that the set format was intrinsically valuable; therefore, the approach as such would be kept.

The format of work should be concentrated on administration of law. More than 400 regulatory acts were adopted within the frames of National Entrepreneurship’s Initiative, 72 of those were Federal Laws. The system does not accept all regulatory acts upfront and they do not work at once. “It is important to discover what does not work in Russian regions and why it does not work, Stanislav Voskresensky underlined. It is necessary to optimize this work.”

As an example, the Deputy Minister provided the cancellation of business trip certificates and seals. “It is not only a question of executing decisions and laws, but also the issue of usual business practice, he noted. They are not subject to change during a night, that’s why it is needed to show on AES basis how these procedures work.”

Another scope of work, which should be concentrated within the frames of the National Entrepreneurship’s Initiative, is the constant analysis of world’s best practices in the directions in areas of which the work is carrying on.

“We need to look constantly on what our competitors do, oversee what matches our internal political priorities in economy and implement all of this,” declared Stanislav Voskresensky.

Upon opinion of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, a common with AES involvement of civil society institutions into summon of improvement of business environment will give a new drive to NEI. “Everybody should do this, not only the organizations directly connected to business, but also other institutes, so that it should become our common summon,” completed the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development.