Small and Medium Business Ensures stable collaboration between Russia and Bulgaria


A business mission of the Russian Agency on Support of Small and Medium Business (RASSMB) took place with support of the Russian Trade Mission in Bulgaria.

Trade representative of Russia in Bulgaria Igor Ilingin told about prospects for Russian business on Bulgarian market.  The Russian companies’ frontmost issues of certification of production and commodities, prospects of implementation of domestic technologies, foundation of Russian-Bulgarian joint-ventures, etc., were discussed.

The topics covered during the meeting in the Trade Mission became the subject of the additional discussion within the frames of The Second Bulgarian-Russian Business Forum.

The Director of the Department of Internationalization of Activity of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Executive Agency on Support of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Bulgaria Borislav Dimitrachkov, the Head of the Department of the Agency Boryana Mincheva, a member of the Executive Board of the Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Trade Peter Kisyov, Yanko Yanakiev who has recently completed his activity as the advisor on economic issues at the Bulgarian Embassy in Russia as well as heads of a number of industry associations and relevant companies took part in the event from the Bulgarian side.

Making contacts between representatives of the Russian and Bulgarian business wider and deeper became the purpose of the Business Forum. Opening the Forum, the representative of the Bulgarian Agency mentioned that Bulgarian-Russian economic connections have particular importance and expressed his hope that direct contacts between participants would be set up as a result of holding the Forum.

In his turn, the Deputy General Director of the Russian Agency on Support of Small and Medium Business in Russia Evgeniy Zhivoglazov told about the system of entrepreneurship support in Russia at large and about specialized centers of support of business (the Regional Integrated Center and the Export Support Center). He noted that according to the inquiries of 2013 – 2015 the major part of the Russian business expresses an interest in Bulgaria. Herewith he invited the management of the Bulgarian Agency to participate in the International Conference “International Economic Activity as a Factor of Efficient Development of Subjects of Russian Federation” which will take place in Vologda on December 10-11, 2015.

Yanko Yanakiev specially made a point on the role of the Russian Trade Mission in productive development of a collaboration between the Agencies on Support of the Russian and Bulgarian Small and Medium Business started in 2011 from signing of the Memorandum on Collaboration. “We always proceeded from the premise that small and medium business would be a particular bridge ensuring stable collaboration between Russia and Bulgaria. The role of both Agencies is important here. We acknowledge that thanks to their activity this collaboration really remains stable and productive. I hope for keeping and development of this collaboration in future,’ said Yanakiev.

Igor Ilingin thanked organizers of the Forum, Agencies of Support of Small and Medium Business of both countries and offices of Trade Missions of Bulgaria and Russia for collaboration and assistance in support of economic connections between two countries. He noted that collaboration through small and medium enterprises was a separate item of the draft agenda of the Intergovernmental Russian-Bulgarian Commission that would take place in 2016, “and here, by all opinions, there is a significant potential for development of bilateral relations in a whole.” The Trade Representative also outlined Vologda Region as a promising region of Russia in respect of international collaboration. “The collaboration in the area of small and medium enterprises is continuing to develop actively in spite of different difficulties. Successful development of this collaboration to a large extent is secured also thanks to coordinating activity of the Agencies on Entrepreneurship’s Support of both countries,” mentioned the Trade Representative of Russia.

The representative of the Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Trade Peter Kisyov confirmed mutual interest of business of both countries in development of a collaboration. It is also proved by significant quantity of business missions that will be organized in 2016. Five Bulgarian delegations plan to visit Russia within the frames of conducting Days of Bulgaria in our country and for participation in regional fairs too. It is expected that nine Russian delegations from Russian regions will come with business missions to Bulgaria.

Following the results of the business mission Evgeny Zhivoglazov an Borislav Dimitrachkov signed the Program of Common Actions between Russian and Bulgarian Agencies on Support of Small and Medium Business in 2016.