Alexey Ulyukaev: We are not Satisfied with the Proposals of EU and Ukraine Presuming Obligations not from their Side but only from Ours


Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Ulyukaev announced that expert consultations between Russia, EU and Ukraine on cancelling Russian concerns due to commencement from January 1 of the Agreement on Association of Ukraine and EU, which took place in the middle of November, did not bring any result. Upon his words, the position of EU and Ukraine not to accept any binding documents did not satisfy Russia absolutely.

 “EU and Ukraine proposed their own variant. It did not satisfy us totally because it does not presume any obligations from our partners’ side, it presumes only obligations from our side,” Alexey Ulyukaev commented the course of consultations.

Trilateral consultations on the Ministry’s level are scheduled on December 01, 2015 in Brussels. “It may happen to be necessary to hold a meeting in case it turns out that the partners are not ready to move in the right direction, the Minister added. But meanwhile we do not see any strong grounds for non-reaching the agreement.”

In case the special legal document that removes Russian concerns in respect of commencement on January 1 of the Agreement on Association between Ukraine and EU is not adopted, then Russia will introduce grocery embargo in respect to Ukrainian goods from the beginning of the next year. The regime of free trade between Russia and Ukraine will be no longer in force.