Alexey Ulyukaev: We Shall Have to Protect Our Market Unilaterally From Uncontrolled Goods Access through Ukrainian Territory


The question of Russia-24 journalist: On December 1 there will be held a ministerial meeting in Brussels where the economic aspects of Ukraine-EU association will be discussed. You have already said that the chances to eliminate this process’ risks for Russia are not very good. What does it mean? Is Russia going to take counter measures from January 1, 2016?

Alexey Ulyukaev: The meetings having been held by the experts recently do not give us reasons for optimism. Our partners do not listen to us and do not offer the solutions of the problems we are talking about. On the other hand the problems were discussed at the level of political leaders and during G20 Summit in Antalya as well. The leaders of the EU and their allied states may formulate the task for the experts. If it is so, we’ll be able to get another chance. But today we do not see many reasons for optimism. It is highly probable that we shall have to protect our market unilaterally from uncontrolled goods access through Ukrainian territory mainly from the EU. Most favoured nation treatment will be accorded. This is a usual treatment, it is not threat, punishment or struggle. This treatment is applied to our relations with every European Union state and with most of the states in the world. We won’t have reasons to retain zero custom rate with Ukraine. Besides, since Ukraine joined in economic and financial sanctions against the Russian Federation we have decided to enter the food embargo regarding Ukraine, like we can enter embargo regarding any country that joins in sanctions. This decision is to be postponed till January 1. Consequently we expect to see the effect of these measures that will let us to protect our industry, agriculture and business as a whole.