Oleg Fomichev: The Russian economy won't be steadily and dynamically developed without uniform system of strategic planning


On October 19th, 2015 the State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev spoke at the plenary session "Federal law 172-FZ: creation of system of strategic planning" within the XIV All-Russian forum "Strategic Planning in Regions and Cities of Russia" in St. Petersburg.

According to him, developed by the Ministry of Economic Development together with experts and interested Federal executive authorities, the Strategy-2030 It implies a transformation to improve the efficiency of State administration, growth of quality and conditions of providing the state services, creation of incentives for development of the human capital, improvement of infrastructure, ensuring competitiveness of economic agents as within the country, and beyond its limits.

At the same time, Fomichev noticed, the basis for information support of these processes is created – special federal information system of strategic planning which will be created on the basis of SAS Upravleniye, and integrated with systems where the part of functional tasks of strategic planning, including "The electronic budget", a portal of state programs and others is already realized. The Federal state register of strategic planning will become the first stage of start of the system. "Since December 1 of the current year documents of strategic planning, including ones which are developed at the level of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities, have to be entered into the register and are registered", - the Deputy Minister specified.

"In general, we see that key processes are started, and the acts providing process of further implementation of the law in a total stage of readiness, - Oleg Fomichev noted. - The basis for starting substantial work with the documents, study of their concept, discussions with professional community is created".

The Deputy Minister drew attention that for the further implementation of the law it is necessary to solve a number of issues. In particular, to work out the mechanism of involvement of large companies to strategic planning process, to finish creation of regulatory and methodological base, information system and other actions provided by the law. "Regardless of the arising restrictions and difficulties we are ready to realize completely the main norms and the principles of the law about strategic planning", - Oleg Fomichev emphasized.

In his view, the success of further implementation of principles of strategic planning and the implementation of the law will depend on the quality of joint processes and coherence of all the participants of the strategic planning.

From the date of entry into force of the Federal Law "About strategic planning in the Russian Federation" has passed more than a year. According to Oleg Fomichev, in difficult economic conditions, the formation of effective economic policy and new management model, based on a unified system of strategic planning, allowing to unite efforts of state and corporate management elite - this is something without which the Russian economy will not be able to be developed sustainably and dynamically.

According to Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the practice of strategic planning in Russia is characterized by isolation of separated processes of development of strategic and program documents by various departments, as well as Federal and regional bodies of State administration, which resulted in a lack of coherence in their settings. "As a result, most of the existing planning and policy documents (strategies, concepts, programs) are currently not well linked and coordinated," he said.

The process of adopting the law about strategic planning has quite a long history. Thus 172-FZ standardly fixed, in fact, established practices of strategic planning, which creation bases formation began long before the adoption of the Federal law in 2014.

Up to now, 6 decisions approving orders of preparation of strategic planning documents have been prepared and issued. Another 9 will be adopted before the end of the year. "With the adoption of these documents the development of subordinate standard and legal base of strategic planning at the federal level will be completed», - Oleg Fomichev noted.