The Ministry of Economic Development will keep the operating deflator of the UTII (unified tax on imputed income) for small business in 2016


The Government of the Russian Federation and the State Duma made the decision not to change the deflator coefficient used for calculation of the UTII for small and medium business in 2016 that will mean keeping of the operating tax level next year.

It was declared by the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev in Manila.

"We made a final decision concerning the UTII for small and medium business. From six established deflators only for the unified tax on imputed income the coefficient is not changed. It remains at the level of the current year", - the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation told.

According to him, the State Duma will accept corresponding changes in the Tax code that there was no collision between the bylaw and the law.

Thus he added that such decision is made "for one year so far".

For the reference:

On the basis of the Art. 11 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation the deflator coefficient is used for calculation of tax base for the unified tax on imputed income.

Before the Ministry of Economic Development according to the Tax code calculated increase of the deflator coefficient on 2016, having established it at the level of 2.083 against 1.798 in 2015, but thus suggested to the government to change the Tax code that the deflator in 2016 wasn't recalculated.