Alexey Ulyukaev: At a tripartite meeting of Russia-ES-Ukraine on December 1 in Brussels I expect positive results


On November 23, 2015 the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexey Ulyukaev held a meeting with heads of diplomatic missions of EU Member States. 28 diplomatic representatives, and also the Head of the EU Delegation in the Russian Federation Vygaudas Ušackas participated in the meeting.

During opening the meeting Alexey Ulyukaev reported that literally some hours before he had a telephone conversation with the European Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström. "Very positive conversation took place", - he noted. The conversation was devoted to negotiation process of Russia-ES-Ukraine for removal of the Russian concerns arising in connection with implementation of trade and economic part of the Agreement for association with the EU by Ukraine.  Negotiations for this matter already go during the second year. 12 meetings, including four of them at the ministerial level took place. "When forming our position we always proceeded from need of keeping of trade and economic cooperation for ensuring of development of trade in the region as means of achievement of inclusive economic growth", - Alexey Ulyukaev noted.

"I expect and continue to hope that at a meeting on December 1 in Brussels will be positive results", - he told.

The minister noted that the European Union continues to remain the strategic trade and economic partner of Russia which share in the Russian trade turnover in January-September, 2015 is 45.6%. He emphasized importance of keeping and further development of official, trade, economic and business contacts between the Russian Federation and the countries of Europe, the European commission. "Expansion of mutually beneficial cooperation is equitable to interests of our people and especially business which plays an important role in economy of the European Union", - he reported.

The minister also noted that the economic strategic partnership of Russia and the European Union created in years shouldn't be undermined by the political decisions which don't have direct link to economy. "We hear more and more persistent signals from business, interested in expansion of business contacts and implementation of joint projects", - he added.

According to Alexey Ulyukaev, despite certain difficulties, border projects which have essential potential for prospect are mutually realized.  The Russian side expects restart of work of the intergovernmental commissions with France, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and some other countries. "We expect that work with these and other countries will be resumed. Of course, it would be useful", - he told. The Minister reminded that work of inter-governmental commissions with Spain, Cyprus and Greece some time ago was resumed.

According to him, high intensity of our contacts with European Commission concerning the WTO remains. The Russian infrastructure projects with participation of the largest European companies are successfully started. European technologies and business concepts more and more actively come into the most different sectors of the Russian economy.

Prospects of the Russian-European trade and economic cooperation in the Government of the Russian Federation are seen in creation of a common economic space of EEU-EU. Formation of such space would allow creating the comfortable barrier-free environment for business and citizens with visa-free regime, unified customs and harmonized technical, SFS and other regulation.

The minister also in detail represented the estimation of the current economic situation in the Russian Federation and the forecast of economic growth in 2016. In particular, the Minister noted a number of the successful steps directed on minimizing of an effect of external negative factors for national economy: improvement of a business environment and measures of the state support for small and medium business, formation of innovative policy and realization of innovative sectors development road maps, questions of import substitution and improvement of investment appeal of the Russian Federation.

The Head of the EU Delegation in the Russian Federation Vygaudas Ušackas noted that at the time of political difficulties such the dialogue and the discussions are very much highly appreciated. He emphasized that the EU was and possibly remains the main trade and investment partner of Russia. "In the first half of the year of this year of 46% of foreign trade of Russia it was the share of the EU", - he added.

Vygaudas Ušackas said that the European Union expects the compromise solution following the results of tripartite negotiations on association of Ukraine with the EU. He noted that it is an unprecedented case when consultations under already signed trade agreement with participation of the third party are open. "We show flexibility and we hope for rational approach and the same flexibility from Russia", - the Head of the EU Delegation in the Russian Federation said.

According to him, the EU expects the introduction in validity of the agreement between the EU and Ukraine. He noted thus that the European Union hopes on "the same relations further between Russia and Ukraine", having specified that it is about FTA within the space of the CIS.