We set challenging goals in the strategy of small and medium enterprises development


November 23, 2015 State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Oleg Fomichev participated in plenary discussion "Small and medium enterprise development strategy. Means of attracting investment in small and medium business" within VII "Support of Russia" leaders’ conference.

Ministry of economic development developed "Strategy of small and medium enterprise development до 2030 года" based on the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, but, according to Oleg Fomichev, the necessity of generating a document to interlink all the supportive measures for small and medium enterprises and general economic policy economic policy, escalated long before.

"While developing the strategy we did try to solve this problem", - said the Deputy Minister. For this purpose the document includes "first think small" principle ("small business – first of all"), it means that the development any measures of economic policy must first model the way they will influence small and medium enterprises. "And even if the measures are correct on the whole and contribute to realization of industrial policy but negatively impact the small business, it is necessary either to reject their development, or accept them with long transition periods for the small business to have time for adaptation", - highlighted Oleg Fomichev. Within the strategy implementation the corresponding means will be formed, including based on the regulatory impact assessment system and other means of business community feedback.

"In our view the strategy provides for challenging tasks and goals", - said the representative of Ministry of Economic Development. – "In particular increase of small and medium enterprises turnover  by 2.5, doubling the workforce productivity in SME sector and percentage of manufacturing industry in the SME turnover up to 20%, increase of SME employees up to 35% of total working population".

According to Oleg Fomichev, achievement of the said target indicators will be provided by means of individualization the following SME sectors within the strategy and orientation of main measures and arrangements on supporting such enterprises:
"mass" SMEs – enterprises that usually specialize in trade operations and providing services and thus play an integral role in employment, increasing quality and comfort of living environment; "high-tech" SMEs – export-oriented enterprises in the sphere of processing industry and service provision; rapid-growing enterprises ("gazelles"), that provide effective innovation development and solve the problem of economy diversification and increase its competitive performance.