Expert council for tourist/recreational type special economic zones (SEZ) admits new residents


Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Alexander Tsybulskiy has attended the meeting of Expert council for tourist/recreational type special economic zones.

Total of applications considered is 14 of which 13 have been approved.

As said the Deputy Minister, “Tourist/recreational zones are destined to solve the problem of tourist attractiveness of the Russian Federation. They should not be “dormant” but function all the year around. For regions the occurrence of tourist/recreational SEZs shall facilitate the development of tourism in locations, provide new jobs and replenish the regional budgets”.

According to his words, in tourist/recreational type SEZ “Arkhuz” in Karachay-Circassian Republic eight new residents will occur.

So new residents of SEZ “Arkhuz” begin OOO “PickExperience”, OOO “Arkhuz”, OOO “Dausuz-2014”, OOO “Grand-Arkhuz”, OOO “Riviera-Arkhuz”, OOO “Sosny” and IP Bolurova Kh.A. Investment volume is varying between RUR 55 mln and 804.9 mln per resident. Total volume of funds placed by private investors would account for RUR 1.7 mlrd.

All potential investors have successfully passed the obligatory procedure of proving their applications; as expected till the year end they would be granted resident SEZ certificates.

Business plans of new residents of tourist cluster include construction and operation of hotels, cottage settlements, and apart hotels of various comfort classes. One of residents, “Dausuz-2014” company, shall create at resort area the complex of the national metochions (podvorjes), mini bakery, café, food store and historical/art center. Already in ski season of 2015/2016,  “PickExperience” company shall commence rendering services of leasing at resort facility the sporting equipment and provide operation of ski instructors school. In course of implementation of the relevant investment projects, at tourist/recreational “Arkhuz” complex within 4 years by residents shall be additionally created approx. 500 jobs.

Alexander Tsybulskiy has noted also the new tourist/recreational SEZ resident to Republic of Buryatia, i.e. OOO “Oykhan” company that is planning to construct the Buddhistic temple complex, and OOO “MTK Dzhenkey-Baikal” business plan of which envisages the construction of tourist complex for 480 Chinese tourist.

As he noted, “This measures would develop also the pilgrim tourism that is an important service segment in tourist industry. The regions that create SEZ of this type already today are attracting the tourist flows and possess the established demand and supply structure”.