Olga Dergunova: The Revenue from Privatization in 2015 is More Than 7 Billion Rubles


“The main efforts in 2015 were directed to execution of budget assignments for increase of the revenue from federal property privatization and state asset administration, government companies investment potential increase and transparency of state-owned property administration,” Deputy Minister of Economic Development Olga Dergunova noted.

When talking about the main indicators Olga Dergunova emphasized that the original plan of privatization revenue had been overfulfilled. As a result in 2015 the treasury got 7.2 billion rubles (the plan: 3 billion rubles). It was due to attracting independent trading facilities and expanding of information support.

“Every sale is voting with real money for treasury objects,” she noted.

The revenue from state-owned property administration is 287 billion rubles, the total income from dividend on state-owned shares is 238 billion rubles, and the income from realization of impounded property is 5 billion rubles.

As for privatization of big companies, according to Deputy Minister ‘the Government will decide individually’. “So far there are no conclusive decisions or instructions on any asset sale except Sovcomflot,” Olga Dergunova noted.