The Silk Road Will Strengthen Investment Cooperation between Russia and China


Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Stanislav Voskresensky conducted negotiations with Deputy Chairman of National Development and Reform Commission of China Ning Jizhe. The main topics of the meeting were the perspective of Russian-Chinese investment cooperation, common investment projects, their support and the main issues in these spheres.

Deputy Minister marked a high level of activity within Russian-Chinese investment projects agreed by Russian-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission on Investment Cooperation. Stanislav Voskresensky noted that the working secretariat of Russian part of the Commission regularly monitored the state of all the projects mentioned; he also defined the questions that are to be solved during the project realization. Among them are the reduction of import customs duties for carbon fiber delivered by Russian enterprises to China, allowance for rare earth metals mining technology export, connection with Chinese investors and partners.

Ning Jizhe set out a position of Chinese party, paying special attention to the difficulties of custom processing in Russia, insufficient workplace quotas, investment limitations for foreign investors in the spheres of energy and mining on the territory of Russia, different technical standards in Russia and China.

The participants of the meeting agreed to activate their efforts in order to integrate the Silk Road Economic Belt with the EEU that will allow strengthening bilateral investment cooperation and giving opportunity to solve existing problems effectively.

Following the meeting results (it was organized with the help of Trade Delegation of Russia in China) the parties reached an agreement to continue the meetings on investment cooperation between Russia and China. The next meeting is to be held in spring 2016, the main topic is agriculture.