Maxim Oreshkin: Tariffs won’t be reindexed in 2018 as they are driven by target inflation


At the meeting of the Government Russian Minister of Economic Development presented Social and Economic Outlook for 2018-2020 years.

Russia’s Social and Economic Outlook 2018-2020 is in general approved by the Government, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin during the briefing on the outcomes of the Cabinet meeting.

Maxim Oreshkin: Among the recent changes that were made at the meeting of the Government related to clarifying the latest economic trends, it is, first and foremost, a reduction in the inflation rate to 3.2% for this year. This was certainly included into the Outlook. In addition, there were changes caused by a slightly higher oil price over this year and a slightly stronger Ruble reflecting the actual trends of the last month. The forecast takes into account, among other things, an increase in the rate of economic growth for the three-year period, which we have already mentioned and which is stimulated by industrious activities of the Government in implementing changes in different fields including investment support and launch of a variety of priority projects.