The Government Has Approved the Roadmap for Implementing Russia’s Innovative Development Strategy 2017-2018


Russia’s PM Dmitry Medvedev has signed the order that was developed by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development & Trade to ensure implementing the provisions of the Russia’s Innovative Development Strategy in 2017-2018, within its second stage.
It has adopted the roadmap for implementing the provisions of the Strategy 2017-2018.

The roadmap includes a network of normative and organizational actions aimed at forming innovation skills, enhancing innovative business activities, R&D progress, financing innovations, broadening innovation infrastructure, creating mechanisms to support the legal protection of Russian promising development outcomes.

The Strategy for Russia’s Innovative Development 2020 was adopted by the Government Order No. 2227-r of December 8, 2011, with two implementation stages envisaged.

For the first stage (i.e. 2011-2013), key governmental programs  were approved. They have a determining effect on the achievement of the Strategy goals, since they embrace steps to develop the national innovation system. The implementation of the roadmaps for emerging industries development has started.

Innovation development programs aimed at sixty major companies with the government involvement have been also approved. Thirty five technology platforms have been created. The system of grants and debt financing support for innovative business projects has been developed pursuant to The Industry Development and Competitiveness Enhancement governmental program and within development institution activities.

To target the goals of the Strategy’s second stage (2014-2020), the plan for implementing the 2015-2016 Strategy provisions was approved by the Governmental Order No.373-r of March 6, 2015. The plan included steps to improve the education system, promote research, S&T and innovation activities, create a governmental system to encourage S&T creativity in children and youth, ensure effective implementation of innovative development programs for companies with the government involvement, create mechanisms for stimulating demand for innovation, modernization of the R&D structure, expanding the financial infrastructure of innovation activities, creating mechanisms to support the legal protection for the outcomes of promising commercial developments by Russian innovation companies, enhance Russia's integration into the global processes of innovation creation and use, and implement regional innovative cluster programs.