On December 30, 2009, Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina gives the report “On anti-crisis measures of the government of the Russian Federation in 2010” at the government presidium meeting


A Protocol on the introduction of changes to the Agreement between the Economic Development Ministry of Russia and the Economy Ministry of Ukraine on the regulation of supplies of certain types of steel pipes originating from Ukraine to the customs territory of the Russian Federation dated January 13, 2005, was signed in Moscow on December 30, 2009.

The Protocol extends the effective term of the Agreement until December 31, 2010; the Agreement provides for voluntary quantitative obligations of five Ukrainian plants to supply a wide range of pipe products to Russia within the established quota instead of using anti-dumping duties, introduced as a result of the investigation on December 29, 2005, for a period of five years.

The quota for 2010 is based on the actual amount of supplies of Ukrainian participants of the Agreement in 2009 and will be defined in February 2010.  The supplies of Ukrainian pipe products under the Agreement were set at 55,000 tonnes for the first quarter of 2010.