On October 22, 2010 the Ninth Meeting of Ministers of the country members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), which are responsible for foreign economic and foreign trade activities, was held in the Russian Economic Development Ministry under the chairmanship of the Minister E. Nabiullina


The meeting was attended by the following: T. Suleimenov, the Vice-Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Gao Huchen, the representative of the Ministry of Commerce for International Trade Negotiations (with the rank of a Minister) and a Deputy Minister of Commerce of China; E. Umetaliev, the Minister of Economic Management of the Kyrgyz Republic; F. Khamraliev, the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan; A. Kamalov, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Economic Relations; Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan; M. Konarovsky, the Deputy Secretary-General of SCO;  D. Mezentsev, the chairman of the SCO Business Council; T. Izbasarov, a representative of the SCO Interbank Association and Head of International Relations of JSC “Development Bank of Kazakhstan”. On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, A. Slepnev, the Deputy Minister, also participated in the event.

The meeting addressed a wide range of issues on further development and deepening of regional economic cooperation within the SCO framework, outlining specific steps to achieve mutually beneficial results in the economic sphere. The participants noted that the agreement in the field of trade and economic cooperation that was reached during the meeting of Heads of States and Governments of SCO Member States is now being actively implemented.

In order to develop multilateral economic and investment cooperation, the parties agreed to consistently carry out practical work to implement the Action Plan on implementation of the Program for multilateral trade and economic cooperation among member states of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, with priority being given to investment projects in specific areas of cooperation.

The parties also agreed to continue work on a joint initiative to strengthen the multilateral economic cooperation in order to overcome the aftermath of the global financial crisis and to ensure further economic development of the SCO member states.

In this regard, the parties will take measures to strengthen the ad hoc working groups which were established under the mechanism of the Ministerial Meeting of the SCO member states, that are responsible for foreign economic and trade activities.

Heads of delegations noted the positive contribution of the SCO Business Council and SCO Interbank Association in the development of cooperation between the business community and the banking circles of SCO member states, as well as the in the project activity within SCO.

Also they reached an agreement to hold the next Ministerial Meeting of the SCO member states, responsible for foreign economic and trade activities in 2011 in Tajikistan.

As a result of the Ministerial Meeting the protocol was signed by the Heads of the delegations of the SCO member states.