Minister Elvira Nabiullina spoke at the 8th Ministerial Conference WTO


On December 16, 2011 in Geneva Minister Elvira Nabiullina spoke at the plenary session of 8 th Ministerial Conference WTO dedicated to the accession of the Russian Federation to WTO.

The conference was chaired by Minister of Trade and Investment of Nigeria Olusegun Aganga.  WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy, Chairman of WTO working group of Russian accession Stefan Johannesson and representatives of WTO member countries participated in the 8th Ministerial Conference.

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov presented greeting of President of The Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to the participants in the 8th Ministerial Conference WTO.

Greeting of President of The Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to the participants in the 8th Ministerial Conference WTO


Statement of Minister Elvira Nabiullina at the plenary session of 8th Ministerial Conference WTO

Geneva, December 16,2011


Dear Mr. Chairman, dear colleagues,

The decision on Russia’s accession to the WTO adopted by you is an event that had been awaited for many years both in Russia and in the world community.

We have been preparing for today’s event for a long time, conducting systemic reforms, revising our legislation, developing modernization program of our economy. The Russian leadership have been always considering our country’s membership in the WTO as a priority task of national economic policy.

The WTO is accommodating the 6th world economy. Upon Russia’s accession, the rules of the Organization will be regulating more than 95% of the world trade.

Today the world economy is weathering uneasy times. In this environment, we are particularly interested in the joint work on definitive keeping of protectionism at bay.

That’s why for us, the conclusion of accession negotiations is not a finish, but a starting point.

Our work in the WTO will be aimed at the maintenance of the current rules of trade as well as at elaboration of its new principles, adequate to the new economic realities and directed at reaching global development goals.

Joining the WTO, we are aware of our responsibility for participation in tuning of the rules of the world trade. We are taking this responsibility. We think that Russia’s role in the WTO should first and foremost be constructive, strengthening the Organization in the interests of all of us, our economies, and our people.

For us it is systemically important to maintain the status of the WTO as namely trade organization. There were, there are and, unfortunately, there will be problems in relations between countries. Proliferation of trade may effectively cure those problems.

Our aim is gradual, continuous liberalization not just at the global, but also at the regional level.

We note with satisfaction that Russia’s entering the WTO family is combining with development of a common economic area with our neighbors – Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Customs Union of our countries, as built on the platform of the WTO rules, is contributing to elimination of barriers for trade and investments. The WTO members will get access to the market of 165 mln. people, which is already functioning on the basis of common rules and regulations.

Today’s event became a reality thanks to collective efforts of many people. Most of them are now here, in this room. And I want to say that today’s event is our common achievement, our common victory, our common festive occasion.