The wave of «open innovations» will intensify


On October 14, 2013 the fund «Innovation Forum» held a briefing devoted to II Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development «Open Innovations» and Open Innovations Expo Exhibition, which will take place in Moscow on October 31 - November 2, 2013 in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.

Briefing moderator, CEO and Chairman of the Board of JSC «Russian Venture Company» Igor Agamirzian, opening the event, stressed the importance of the Forum as an international platform: «The participation of a large number of foreign representatives in Open Innovations Forum provides an opportunity to implement a synergy of efforts of all development institutions and bring an event on the major international level. For this we, focusing attention on Russia, Russian innovations, Russian companies, technologies and proposals, should consider all of the innovative processes in an international context, becoming a global platform for discussion of common problems».

«This year the forum is a logical continuation of the previous one, and it has its own features, - said Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Open Innovations Forum Organizing Committee Arkady Dvorkovich. - Forum is gaining its official weight, and the main speakers at the main plenary session will be three Prime Ministers: from Russia - Dmitry Medvedev, from Finland - Jyrki Katainen and from France - Jean-Marc Ayrault. This highlights the forum in a series of such events». «The prime ministers will take part in a discussion relative to the topic «The National Leadership Strategies in a Hyperlinked World».

«As Russia participated in the G-20 summit this year, we will discuss the impact of innovation on the development of global processes in the framework of «twenty», the forum will be attended by representatives of the largest companies in the world» - explained Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

«The serious intellectual producer MIT Technology Review, which is the independent publishing company founded at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, appeared. A special study on the review of trends in innovation sphere in 2013 prepared by them will be presented on the forum, and this will be the starting point for discussion», - noted Arkady Dvorkovich.

Game Changers will be in the focus of discussion on the first day. They are the world's leading companies and innovators significantly changing the rules of the game in the global market through the creation and implementation of breakthrough technologies and unconventional approach to the realization of new business ideas. The special congress for managers responsible for technological development and introduction of innovations in their companies is scheduled. According to Arkady Dvorkovich, the event of such level will be held in Russia for the first time.

The Deputy Prime Minister reminded that last year I Forum became the largest in Russia and one of the world's largest events in the field of analysis and presentation of achievements in the sphere of innovations. More than 550 companies from 40 world countries took part in I Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development «Open Innovations».

The use of technological innovations in the field of energetics, urban management, medicine, consumer products, ICTs, nanotechnologies will be the main topic of the second day. A competition among young innovators Generation S can become the good starting point for innovation activity. «As part of the Youth Program a separate event of the international group «100 Innovators» will also be conducted; 50 of the most promising innovative projects from Russia and 50 projects from other countries are annually selected in this group. We hope that the Prime Ministers, who participate in the Forum, will meet this group» - noted Arkady Dvorkovich.

State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Program Committee of the Open Innovations Forum Oleg Fomichev stressed that «the program of the Forum is logically divided into two days: the first day affects the institutional aspects of innovation development - institutions that ensure the innovation development, sector of research and developments, science and education, and in fact entrepreneurship, which is the driver of any innovation process, corporations, and how R&D are arranged in corporations, capital for innovation business, venture financing, and so on. The second day completely dedicates to specific technological issues». Fomichev noted several directions that traditionally develop in the framework of the analytical work: biomedicine, medical technologies separately, the digital economy, mobile world, new map of global energetics, new era of production, nanotechnologies, smart city. «These are the spheres, in which now there is an active interaction between innovators with consumers in order to promote new technologies and products on the market. A very high and representative level of foreign speakers of innovation sphere» - explained the Deputy Minister.

Separately, the Deputy Minister of Economic Development outlined the activities that have become traditional and important for the Forum – «First of all, it's Youth Program, which is supported by the Government of Moscow and will allow young people and students of leading Russian universities to communicate with key speakers of the Forum», - he said. As part of the Youth Program lectures and master classes will be conducted.

The panel with participation of Russian regions was also designated from a number of significant events, where governors will be actively discussing the problems of innovation development: what determines the competitiveness of the region, how should the region position itself in the international market. «Nearly half of Russian regions participate in the Forum; a part of them is represented by regional expositions at the Exhibition» - noted Oleg Fomichev. Russia begins to take part in the formation of the global innovation agenda and promote its start-ups and innovative ideas to the world markets. According to him, today everyone understands that the primary industries will give 1.5-2 % of GDP growth, and the rest of the economy development should be provided by innovative technologies.

Arkady Dvorkovich supported the topic: «When we became engaged in programs of modernization and innovation projects, we began to take an interest and more and more attention from the leading companies of the world that makes us the driver and brings us advantages in the development of Russia. Our forum is intended as a flagship: people will be able to communicate and share their know-hows and new technologies in the framework of this platform. This should strengthen the wave of innovations that goes across the country, and it will be a good stimulus for the economy development».