Russia hopes to join the OECD within coming years


The process of Russia's accession to the OECD was discussed by the Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexey Ulyukaev on November 18 at the meeting with the permanent representatives of member countries of this organization in Paris.

"Today we have a "Russian Day", said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurria after the meetings in narrow and wide formats during communications with the permanent representatives and heads of directorates of the organization.

"Currently, Russia's candidacy was approved by seven profile committees of the OECD  out of twenty-two committees. Until the end of this year there will be nine, maybe ten, said Alexey Ulyukaev. The range of problems narrowed, but serious issues still remain and should be resolved. We presume that in 2014-2015 we should pass the stage of expert approvals completely.

Within the OECD, according to the head of Russia's economic department, Russia is ready to cooperate not only on the issue of our country's entry to the Organization, but also on the global agenda.

At a meeting with permanent representatives of OECD member countries Customs Tariffs and the openness of the economy, corporate governance, economic situation in the country were discussed, as well as structural reforms in Russia and the outcome of the first year as the WTO member.

"I am convinced that good relations that we have with the representatives of the OECD member countries, is a guarantee that in the near future we will move to the result," said Alexey Ulyukaev.

Finally permanent representatives noticed that they "would like to see that Russia has a strong economy, and we will add Russian flag to those 34 that exist in the OECD."