Decision to establish Russian trade mission in the RSA this year was made


By order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2087-p dated November 11, 2013 the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in Johannesburg (Republic of South Africa) shall be established in 2013.

The decision to open the Trade Mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of South Africa is undoubtedly a landmark step in foreign economy, said Deputy Minister Alexei Likhachev, who monitors the international unit in the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

"Now Russia is beginning to recover the position in the countries to the south from the Sahara lost over the past 20 years, where in the days of the Soviet Union, our country has been active in establishing bilateral trade and exploring mineral resources, and establishing production facilities, and training highly qualified personnel, which African countries were in desperate need of,” said the Deputy Minister. In this regard, the situation when we have only three trade missions on the entire continent of Africa (in Egypt, Morocco, Algeria), is bound to change. In addition, the Republic of South Africa is a member of BRICS and our prospective partner. The common desire for closer cooperation between our two countries was confirmed in spring this year, during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Durban - and that's where the heads of state decided to create the Russian trade mission in the RSA.”

On the part of Russian business, from its largest "players" - energy industry, heavy industry, etc., to innovative companies, there is a great demand for the development and deepening of economic cooperation with African countries, said the Deputy Minister. Therefore, the trade mission being created shall become a sort of a "stronghold" for domestic business in the south of the African continent. Moreover, according to Alexei Likhachev, given the geopolitical and economic interests of Russia our plans for the future also include opening of trade missions in several African countries.