Minister Ulyukaev met with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Peru Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez


On December 3, 2013 the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev during the 9th Ministerial Conference on WTO, arranged on Bali (Indonesia), held a working meeting with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Peru, co-chair of the 9th Conference of ministers of WTO Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez.

At the meeting, the question was discussed for which 159 member countries of WTO gathered on the Indonesian island. “We should seek a consensus solution with the adoption of the Bali package, said the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev, discussing the current situation with his Peruvian counterpart. It is important to reach agreement on the facilitation of trade, agriculture and aid to developing countries. We believe that they all are at a very high degree of readiness.

“Issues within the World Trade Organization shall be addressed together, Magali Silva Velarde-Alvarez supported him, noting that Peru has an optimistic view on the adoption of the Bali package.

However, at the meeting two colleagues discussed not only the prospects of adoption of the Bali package, but also the bilateral trade and economic cooperation. From 2005 to 2012 bilateral trade increased almost 5-fold (from 99.2 to 451.9 million U.S. dollars).


Russia's foreign trade with Peru in 2012, according to customs statistics of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, amounted to 451.9 million U.S. dollars and decrease compared to 2011 by 37.7%, in particular exports fell by 44.3% (up to 358.8 million U.S. dollars), while imports grew by 13.8 % (up to 93.1 million U.S. dollars). The positive balance of Russia in trade with Peru amounted to 265.7 million U.S. dollars.

Among the main products of Russian exports there are nitrogen fertilizers, fuel, wheat, hot-rolled steel, synthetic rubber. From Peru to Russia grape and other fruits, avocados, Brazil nuts, frozen fish and seafood, green coffee, fish meal, vegetable dyes, jerseys, spices (pepper) are supplied.

According to trade ministers of two countries, the level of Russian-Peruvian trade and economic relations has substantial growth potential.


In the first 9 months of 2013 Peru occupies 83rd place in Russia's trade with other countries, the 73rd place in the volume of Russian exports and 83rd place in the Russian purchases abroad.

Besides that, Magali Silva Velarde-Alvares noted that her country was interested in close cooperation in the field of tourism, promotion of new products and technologies.