Russia stands for the success of the Bali package of the WTO


On December 4, 2013 the second day of the 9th Ministerial Conference of the WTO opened with a plenary session at which the head of each delegation of member countries of the World Trade Organization, who came to Bali, expressed the position about the prospects for adoption of the Bali package.

- Russia stands for success of the Bali package of the WTO, but to gain it the member countries should temper their ambitions and decide on adoption of innovations, said the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukaev, speaking at the conference of the WTO.

"We simply can not afford to give up when we are so close to achieving the first agreements in the history of the WTO. We can not afford to jeopardize and compromise the international trading system and shall not allow to replace it with regional trade agreements", he said.

"I support the words of the President of Indonesia and the WTO Director-General - the Bali Package should be completed, especially it is related to the agreements on trade procedures and support for agriculture - it is an absolute priority. But there is no magic solution to this. We just need to agree on concrete steps to complete these negotiations," said Alexey Ulyukaev.

It urged the countries that question the need to conclude the Bali package, to take into account its importance for further development of the WTO and global trade. "Two years ago, when we celebrated the accession of Russia to the WTO in Geneva, and thought that Russia becomes a part of an organization that has opportunities for development, solution of emerging issues, creation of new rules," admitted the Minister of Economic Development.

During 17 years of accession to the WTO, Russia has learned to understand the complexity of negotiations in this organization. According to him, now we realize how difficult it is to find a balance between the different interests in the multilateral, multicultural and multilingual system. "It's difficult, but there is no other way of solving problems," he believes.

"We need to temper our ambitions, because there are no other opportunities to reach an agreement. We should not fall below the bar, which replaces the obligation by intentions, which destroys the balance achieved in Doha," Ulyukaev is sure.

He recalled that Russia knows from its own experience how painful it is sometimes to decide on innovations when there are hundreds of arguments why you should not do that.

"Try to decide on this - and perhaps a consensus at the WTO will be easier to find, and it has to be found. Russia confirms that it will do everything possible to achieve this," concluded the Minister.